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    Font name and link

    Thanks for the future reference. Apologies, didn't realise this issue had already been solved.
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    Recreating this effect?

    Pexels is always quite good for these kind of things. Bookmark it up for the future! Post the finished product when you're done, would be great to see how you've got along!
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    Font name and link

    Hi artskynet, I'm not sure if it's just my computer, but your attachment isn't loading on my laptop! Any way that you could post a link to it instead? Will try to help if I can
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    question for band logo

    I think it depends where you are in the world, but a lot of copyright law is regulated internationally - for instance the Berne Convention now covers the majority of countries in the world and has standardised much of the law. If you are concerned with someone else using an image, what you might...
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    Copyright Disclaimer

    Hi Elizabeth, My basic understanding of copyright law is that if you do work for someone else, then it is legally theirs unless they give you permission to use it - see the case of Donahue v Allied Newspapers. The best bet would be to not use anything until they've given you permission to use...
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    improve image quality for better reading

    Thank you. I'll give those a try!
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    Hello! As I'm sure you can gather from my username, I'm completely new to Photoshop. Live in England and thought this could be a good way to expand my photography hobby! Looking forward to learning as much as possible
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    improve image quality for better reading

    Thanks gedstar! Had literally the same problem. Any phone scanners you would recommend to avoid this problem in the future? I've been using Scanner Pro, but haven't had much luck!