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    Challenge #69 : Cyborgs

    Well Done Chris
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    Abandon Lab Re Visited .

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    Challenge#68: Steampunk me!

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    TIE POLL Challenge#67: Blending

    Congratulations Chris!!!!!
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    Challenge#65 Make a face!

    Congratulations well done!!!!
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    Specific Can someone do something stupid funny to this photo?

    The hubby and myself had a good laugh ........keep them coming 😆😆😆😆
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    Specific Edit baby out for obituary please

    Looks just like my brother .....God rest his soul
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    Rail Racing Car

    I think it looks cool. Way to go Chris
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    Challenge#63 Redesign the Scooter

    Congratulations Colleague!!!!!!
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    Challenge #62 Winter in July

    ChrisDesign well done
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    Specific Travels of a fox

    So pleased you liked the story, yes please let me know what he thinks of it when he opened his present 💝
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    3D WIP Architecture Concept

    Really great project Chris, I have enjoyed this journey as you made it in steps and we could follow along also..Bravo :clap:
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    Specific Dog on an Angel

    Thats so cool, love that name Pipsqueak