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    Specific Miami logo to names

    Amazing! You have a lovely hand writing.
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    How to add more shine to leather/latex fabric?

    Curves does a nice job of what you wish to achieve. You find three Ink Filler icons on the Properties window of Curves. Top one selects the Black Point. Choose this and experiment by clicking on different black points on the image. Do the same for the Third ink filler, to get the White point...
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    Specific Miami logo to names

    @MentosCubing just pointing you might have a typo...
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    Color matching a photo

    Hi and welcome @flabber You are supposed to upload images directly onto this site rather than use a third party image uploader. You can use a third party site only if your images are not accepted by this site.
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    Need help to create this item in Photoshop.

    Well done! Persistence pays. Hoping you would take many more such steps.
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    Specific Font replication for name

    This is a PNG file with transparent background, so it can go on top of most backgrounds.
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    Specific Beachvolley spike effect

    I think I have been able to get until there in this image: Some people in the background were removed, picture was brightened. I am open to make any further changes you require. Maybe someone can attempt these.
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    Hi and welcome. We all would love to see your participation and creativity on the forums.
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    Need help to create this item in Photoshop.

    So sorry, I was unable to log on yesterday. This would be the easiest way to create a clipping mask. If you face any difficulties, just ask. It is great to see that you are trying. Keep it up.
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    Need help to create this item in Photoshop.

    Please ignore that I said Elliptical Marquee Tool and use the Ellipse Tool and Rectangle Tool instead as suggested by @IamSam One of the advantages is you do not have to fill colour later on. Another advantage is, you can change size later on if needed. But, to answer your question, you need...
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    Need help to create this item in Photoshop.

    ...and until yesterday, that included me! It was a brilliant technique to learn, thanks to @[ iLLuSioN ] .
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    Need help to create this item in Photoshop.

    Brilliant! That worked, John! Thank you. Today is a blessed day of learning lots of new things I did not know before.
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    Need help to create this item in Photoshop.

    Brilliant! Thank you for sharing the secret. Now I am able to replicate the same. You learn something new everyday. Spent quite some time on this today, trying to get that. Thanks again, Illusion. I have one more question for you - how do I get your user name with the @ symbol to reference...
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    Specific Body part correction, future me :)

    Just made another attempt, this time not trying to focus on roundness, darkened slightly to match the changed skin tone and also changing position slightly.