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Recent content by polarwoc

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    Specific Upscaled portrait photo needs pixelation help

    This is an attempt using frequency separation, sharpening and also making use of another portrait image of Ms Shue. The other image I used has some horizontal lines on the forehead, so the texture may not be what you expect.
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    Help with Photoshop function, Move all layers horizontally.

    A big thumbs up to John @thebestcpu I had the following layers I moved them to individual files using "Layers to Files" Then, I used the following settings in Contact Sheet II This is the resulting image as a sprite sheet It is to be noted that it took a bit of processing time to generate...
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    Help with Photoshop function, Move all layers horizontally.

    I wanted to share my thoughts based on what I understood so far. Your images are about 24 mm (173 pixels) squares. If you want to juxtapose 289 of that size images side by side (assuming there is no gap between the images), you will end up with an image that is about 6.9 meters by 24 mm high...
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    Specific Pattern

    I managed this. PSD is attached too. If you managed to achieve it through a different approach, please share what you did different.
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    Trolls Live Here!

    Okay.... 1) 'Fixed' Sea Level. 2) Legs are now without cellulite 3) Fixed ASAPPPPP!!!!
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    Paid Logo design

    Does this quick mock-up take the requirements into consideration for the first logo?
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    Specific Soccer team logo

    Redesigned Logo in PNG format with White Border. Fonts were approximated to similarity.
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    Specific Abs and chest

    Here is an attempt at adding a 'visible set of abs'. Also, nipples were enlarged, though not to 3X as it did not suit. Pecs were not enlarged in this attempt. No other enhancements were made. Here is my submission.
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    How to save a pattern from a psd ?

    I found this video very helpful regarding seamless patterns.
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    Difference between Photoshop brush cursor size and actual brush size

    This video might answer your question regarding the difference between cursor size and brush size.
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    Difference between Photoshop brush cursor size and actual brush size

    Please go to Brush Settings (Window>Brush Settings> select). When it shows up, check if any other settings are on for the brush? Also, check the properties of the Wacom Tablet brush tip. Let us know. Also, tell us how your normal mouse is functioning as a cursor on PS?
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    Specific Copy and paste between photos

    You are welcome, @wendytcake Now that I know the pic was from Scotland, I had to add Nessie in - just for fun.
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    Specific Vector logo Needed.

    Here is a sample in PDF format with Watermarks.
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    Specific Vector logo Needed.

    Because when it comes to logos, copyright rules kick in. The members who want to attempt the request just need to be certain they are not involving themselves in any infringements. I was making an attempt on it without knowing that this is a registered logo. I could not get the exact font...