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    wet paint/plastic effect

    This is an excellent tutorial. Simple and effective.
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    wet paint/plastic effect

    I followed the thread from the beginning, and Hawkeye's response did not seem sarcastic - in fact, it is sagely advise. While working on PS (or while programming), if a new idea appears in your mind on 'whether a particular tool/set of steps can be taken/used to achieve a desired output/effect'...
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    'Can You Do This' Ambigram

    That is very well conceptualised and executed. Surely that would have taken a few days of hard work to get that result. The first one looks like Mercury - Terminator 2 style. With the second one, the shadows are too dark to the extent that they do not looks like shadows but black paint.
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    New member here from Sweden.

    Welcome, Sebastian.
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    Problem with the drawn lines

    By "Straight fine lines", I assume you mean lines that make the drawing need to be crisp regardless of whether they are straight or curved. If that is so, after you have traced with the pen tool, you have to stroke the path using hard brush. Also, Illustrator is probably a better option over PS...
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    Restarting a pen path...

    I am sure we all know that pain first hand at one point or the other. Hoping the version roll back cures that issue.
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    Restarting a pen path...

    Jeff, I am trying to get to the condition state you are facing where you have a pen tool path and then <something happens> and then when you click with the pen tool, it starts a new path without linking to the previous node. Can you define <something happens> so I can get to that state of...
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    Specific Solar panels on roof

    Added Blue panels instead, given them a frame, legs, clamps and finished with a shadow for emboss effect. I learnt and used Vanishing Point tool as a part of this exercise - I urge whoever is reading this to make use of that excellent tool.
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    Composite Star Trails

    Excellent composition. The Owl is a terrific addition, adding to the realism. From experience of using NVGs, I can say that vision is usually only clear up to 5 mts. Distant objects are hardly visible through them.
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    Feedback on composite

    1) There is some work yet to be done with regards to cutting out the model from the background. But, if your focus is more on composition rather than the cut out, ignore this point. 2) I see a Greenish tinge in the face of the model. That is in contrast with the background, which is more...
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    Trolls Live Here!

    @chrisdesign I thought this post makes a great entry here. Would you like to consider posting the image here too?
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    Specific Can anyone remove this person?

    Excellent reconstruction! Love your patience.
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    Specific Can anyone remove this person?

    Possibly if you provide a pic of 'someone else', it may be easier to just replace the man in the pic rather than remove the man and reconstructing the background, which is a tedious process.
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    Specific Portrait art hair color change request + minor lifing

    Another option for you to consider. The hair is a bit greyish in this but has a little more detail:
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    Specific Cartoonize dogs

    Here is one more option. Not exactly cartoon effect as requested, but an artistic rendering. I liked the second one below with Flame Edges.