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    How to replicate this red tail effect

    Maybe also play with the path blur (under blur gallery)
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    Specific Reduce the gap

    you're very welcome
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    Specific Photo composite

    Here's a version. Not sure if you meant to put something on the screen that she would be watching, but from that angle you would be looking at the back of the screen (like this). You could use the other tv to suggest she's watching the same channel, but on a diff tv.
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    Troll Editing!

    Something like this you mean? Request: my wife took pictures with fingers on right side and top corner thanks in advance for helping me out Filled request: added fingers on left, bottom and upper side aswell (note: bad shop, but its an example ;)...
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    Specific Replace photo in billboard screen

    you're very welcome
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    Specific Can someone remove the man from this image?

    Great job Argos, this is a complex one :perfect: I see that the guy left his shoe behind though :silly:
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    Specific Person removal

    You're welcome
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    Specific Person removal

    Quick job...