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Recent content by Rich54

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    Paint brush probem

    You might have accidentally pressed the Caps Lock key, which causes the cursor to change.
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    Altering images based on a sample.

    If I take color samples from various points of the black background of your C37 image, I get slightly varying results, meaning that it is not uniformly lit (or perhaps that the actual black paper itself is not uniform). The differences are fairly small and if I take an average of all the various...
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    Specific Remove the man boobs.

    Just speaking for myself, the entire reason I do these edits is for the challenge of the process and to make it look as real as possible. If it takes a long time and a lot of work, that's a plus... that's what makes it interesting and satisfying. If Photoshop had a magic button that could...
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    Specific Baby’s 1st Christmas!!!

    Hope this is better.
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    Specific Remove the man boobs.

    When I look across the man's chest in the original image, I see the texture of the shirt. This is especially true on the left side, although the right side does have some small highlighted areas where the texture is less apparent. So, if the texture is there at the start, in my opinion it should...
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    Specific Remove the man boobs.

    There's pretty good texture on the lower half of the shirt. In a situation like this, I would use frequency separation, but then delete the low-frequency layer and keep only the high-frequency, set to Linear Light. Use the Move tool to position the texture where it's needed and mask away the rest.
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    Text from image

    Maybe I'm wrong, but my interpretation of the request is to extract the text and delete everything else. The end goal is to have only the text. If that's the case, then @IamSam has already identified the font, which allows the text to be created in any size and color. This, to me, is the best...
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    Unexpected Characteristics of Black to White Gradients

    John, Here's a new wrinkle to the mystery. I have Photoshop CS5. I just created several gradients and compared them to each other, as well as to your exact gradient that you posted above. (I rescaled your exact gradient to be the same size as the ones I just made, but I held down the Shift key...
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    Unexpected Characteristics of Black to White Gradients

    John, Your post reminded me of this one from several years ago, which you were very involved with. I bring it up because in that old post it talks about Adobe having created old gradient algorithms with glitches in them, and then essentially refusing to ever change or update them...
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    Specific Christmas Card request

    I added my own electrical outlet, but if you're going to have a re-shoot, I'll sit tight for a while. A few suggestions if you are going to take new pictures: I was going to attempt to have your son sticking an electrical cord—or maybe even a fork(!)—into the outlet, but that's very difficult...
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    Specific Christmas Card request

    Actually... one more photo would be helpful. Can you attach a photo, taken from the same spot, of just the room and wall decorations, but without any people?
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    Specific Christmas Card request

    It's ok. I can work with it as is.
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    Specific Christmas Card request

    Was the dog always in the photo, or was he/she added later? I'm asking because I see unexpected blurring of the floor near the edges of the dog. If the dog was added later, do you possibly have the original individual photos that you can post?
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    Specific Memorial Photo: Remove Person for Solo Portrait

    It was too difficult to match his full body, so I needed to crop away the table. Hope that's okay.
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    Ability to Underline Text

    Got it! I never noticed those little dots that expand the view.