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    How to replace a door while preserving luminosity

    Ok... is my explanation in post #4 (above) clear to you? If not, I can elaborate. Let me know your level of Photoshop skill.
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    Gurus please help me on a small issue

    Ok, I see the problem. It confirms what Puraidodes initially thought. In your PSD, the smart object layer is supposed to be black lines on a transparent background. Instead, your layer is black lines on a white background. When you originally created your pattern and saved it as a pattern, can...
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    Gurus please help me on a small issue

    Can you attach a screenshot of your layers with the top layer (Color Fill 3) turned off? That should show us a black chevron pattern with a red background (from Color Fill 2). Let's see if that part is working correctly.
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    How to replace a door while preserving luminosity

    Yep... that's what I did. First, I found a replacement door that didn't already have distinct shadows of its own. I created a rough selection of the dark shadow pattern from the original image and applied a Curves adjustment to the new door to darken those areas. Separately, I found an image of...
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    How to replace a door while preserving luminosity

    Is something like this what you have in mind? Essentially, it's an entirely different door, but it has similar cast shadows as the original image. I may be missing your point entirely. But if this is what you mean, I can explain what I did.
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    Specific Funny request -Add legs

    Here is my try.
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    Specific G Wagon Color Change

    Here's a good tutorial on how to exactly match a color.
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    Ready for holiday!

    This is very good. Lot's of funny images and it's technically very well executed.
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    Photoshop version before online

    One other thing to think about is compatibility with the Windows operating system (if you are a Windows user). I currently have Photoshop CS5 and Win10, which works just fine. But Microsoft is about to move on to Windows 11, so it's not clear if these older versions of Photoshop will continue to...
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    Specific Edit photo of a baby.

    I just finished my version.
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    Specific Edit photo of a baby.

    This would be extremely difficult. Aside from it being a difficult Photoshop challenge, there is very little information here to tell what this baby really looks like, such as the shape of his chin, his mouth (at rest without tubes) and the bottom of his nose. I found these two photos to use as...
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    Specific Face swap request

    Sorry, it's not clear which one you think is the "better" smile. Are you asking for the boy's face in photo #1 to be edited onto photo #2?
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    Specific Tough one - Restore face details.

    I tried one, too. Very little to work with, so I just tried drawing freehand. I also think the image is too dark, so I have version 2 that's a little brighter.
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    Specific Please Help - Add me to the photo request

    Here's another one. I needed to flip the background to make the sunlight consistent on both you and the church. Hope that's ok.
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    Specific Post-Father’s Day

    Ok, I have two versions, whichever you prefer. The first one has your dad flipped mirror-image, which causes the sun to be on the wrong side of his face. In the second one, I kept his body flipped but tried to put his head back the way it was originally. The pose is now slightly stiff, but the...