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    Question About Fonts

    If somebody sends me a PSD file that contains a text layer in a font that is not installed in my version of Photoshop, what will happen when I open that PSD file? Will it display the text in the font that was sent, even though I don't have that font myself? Or will it default to some other...
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    Specific Removal of side table

    This was a hard one. Here's my attempt.
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    Specific Please remove the hanger strap

    @IamSam... I'm very impressed that you know what a "hanger strap" is. I had no idea what was being asked here. I had to place your edit in a layer above the original to figure out what had been changed.
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    Specific Can someone please make the background a more aesthetic sunset?

    I took the existing sky and enhanced the colors with a Linear Burn. I'm sure others will jump in, as well, with entirely new sunsets.
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    Specific Schrödinger's pub

    Here's my attempt. The portrait of Schrodinger is fairly de-saturated and grainy, so in order to match subject to background I de-saturated the image of the bar and added film grain. Also, in your attempt you cut off the bottom of the man's body to line up with the back counter, rather than...
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    Specific Blurry man!

    I just finished mine. Here it is, along with a slightly brighter version 2.
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    Hello to you all, I have a question.

    If I'm understanding what you are asking, then I think a Clipping Mask will do the job. You will need to create some text of the letter W or draw a shape of a W. You then will have your landscape image in a separate layer above the W layer. If you create a clipping mask, then your landscape...
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    Need help making text stand out

    Another option, echoing what IamSam said, is to choose a new color for the text that will make it stand out better. One possibility: sample the gold/bronze color of the statue and, on a new layer, use the brush tool to create a color swatch. Then go to Image>Adjustments>Invert. That will...
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    Specific Smooth out/remove belly bulge

    These are great photos. I just happened to log-in 10 minutes ago just as you posted these. Hope this is better.
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    Specific A semi-complicated edit!

    I'm not really a good enough artist to draw the missing portion of the boy's shirt, so this is the best I can do. It's passable, but not great. Anybody else is welcome to use this as a starting point to try your own versions.
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    Specific Need help fixing color banding in this pic

    Gary... excellent job. How did you do it? I spent 10 minutes on this experimenting with different approaches but I couldn't do it.
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    Specific Remove pickle and Add something scary please

    Gary, I'm afraid of spiders so I can't really look at your image, but good job anyway.
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    Specific My Daughters Birthday

    I don't have time right now, but for anybody else who is interested, here's the image of the girl on a transparent background.
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    Specific Remove background

    Here's a plain white background. I'm also including a cropped version—most ID badges are just head shots.