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    Object's Reflection with curved bottom edges

    A lot depends on your skill level in Photoshop. The tutorial linked below is very good but it's probably too much for a beginner. The tutorial creates a reflection of a can of Coca Cola, which is difficult enough once you view the entire thing. Your image of three bottles presents even more...
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    CS5 has major problems on a new Dell XPS tower

    No, the blacks are just fine. I don't have problems of any kind.
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    CS5 has major problems on a new Dell XPS tower

    Monitor is Dell U2413. The display resolution says 1900 x 1200.
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    CS5 has major problems on a new Dell XPS tower

    I am running CS5 on a Win10 computer and I've had no problems. I'm old and fairly illiterate about computer specs, but I bought a Dell XPS 8900 with 16 GB of RAM three or four years ago (running Win10) and everything is just fine.
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    Need help making paint splatter on wall look better

    In a real paint splatter, you would still see the underlying texture of the bricks and the seams between the bricks. To get that effect, experiment with layer blend modes. I initially painted a blue splatter and changed the layer blend mode to Multiply. That allowed the brick texture to show...
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    Specific Skinny

    Here's my attempt.
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    Specific Help please

    Here's my attempt. I think some of the white areas are a bit over-exposed, so I'm also attaching a second version that's a little darker.
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    Specific Remove kid from pic and replace him from another pic

    I had noticed that, too, but then I forgot to fix it. Here's the update.
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    Specific Remove kid from pic and replace him from another pic

    Here are two versions. The second one is a bit brighter.
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    Specific Please remove the girl

    What is the building you are standing in front of? Your request is very difficult, requiring somebody to fill-in areas of the building that are blocked by the people you want removed, but without us knowing what the front of the building really looks like. It would be helpful to have other...
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    Specific Please could someone fix my tie?

    Hope this is better.
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    Question About Fonts

    Yes, that's good info. Thank you.
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    Question About Fonts

    If somebody sends me a PSD file that contains a text layer in a font that is not installed in my version of Photoshop, what will happen when I open that PSD file? Will it display the text in the font that was sent, even though I don't have that font myself? Or will it default to some other...
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    Specific Removal of side table

    This was a hard one. Here's my attempt.
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    Specific Please remove the hanger strap

    @IamSam... I'm very impressed that you know what a "hanger strap" is. I had no idea what was being asked here. I had to place your edit in a layer above the original to figure out what had been changed.