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    Specific Remove pickle and Add something scary please

    Gary, I'm afraid of spiders so I can't really look at your image, but good job anyway.
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    Specific My Daughters Birthday

    I don't have time right now, but for anybody else who is interested, here's the image of the girl on a transparent background.
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    Specific Remove background

    Here's a plain white background. I'm also including a cropped version—most ID badges are just head shots.
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    Specific Wonder Woman flying!

    Glad she likes it.
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    Specific Wonder Woman flying!

    Here's another version with the background more saturated. I think I like this one better.
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    Specific Wonder Woman flying!

    Here she is...
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    Specific Shadows

    Depending on how realistic you want this to look, there are a few things to consider: 1. The grapes are too large relative to the woman and it's pretty obvious that the grapes were shot in close-up, probably with a wide-angle lens. So that's an immediate mis-match of the two images. 2. The...
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    Specific Hand removal

    I did one as well. (My grandmother had one of these old machines.)
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    Specific Can someone edit the background?

    I did one, as well.
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    Making a selection within a certain luminosity range. (L value in LAB color space)

    I wonder if John Wheeler (thebestcpu) is reading this thread. He seems to know a lot about this type of thing.
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    Making a selection within a certain luminosity range. (L value in LAB color space)

    In theory, this might be done using Select>Color Range on a B&W image, but when you adjust the fuzziness slider it's just by eye... I don't believe there is any way to set the fuzziness to exactly get the range of L45 to L55. Rich
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    High contrast project

    I tried a different approach (using the same image as Eggy): 1. Convert the image to black & white. 2. Use a Levels adjustment to create very strong contrast. 3. Copy the combined image to a new layer using Stamp-Visible (Shift+Ctrl+Alt+E). Change the layer blend mode to Divide. 4. Gradually...
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    Specific Edit face and text

    Here's my attempt.