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Recent content by Robson

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    How can i do this?

    Thanks Paul. That worked. Yes, was a brush, but I did not you the snowflake one. :)
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    How can i do this?

    Hi. Hope someone can help me out. I am trying to do this to my 3 solid shapes I created in PS. I want to replicate this picture below of 3 blocks. I do not know what to use to accomplish this effect. A brush? Eraser tool? The three shapes have a grey background. Any help in explaining how to...
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    Hi all

    New member here. Saying a hi to the community. Been using photoshop for quiet a while. Unfortunally not a pro at it at all. Reason why im here. Love to learn new techniques in PS. Oh..., before photoshop I was a pro with Ms Paint in Windows 95! hehe :)