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    PSG Freelance Designer Reviews

    gohan2091 retouched 4 photos for me which I use professionally and he did an amazing job. I do not even believe amazing is the correct word because he was a great communicator and worked on my project to produce just the look I was going for- which is a skill. He offered samples of different...
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    Photo Touch Up Job $Negotiable

    Alright I will send all those who have PMed me a response
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    Photo Touch Up Job $Negotiable

    Thank you Tom, I totally understand this and am glad that you mentioned that. I will let you all be the best judge. Tomorrow I am meeting up to retrieve the raw files and from there I will be able to post those. Appreciate it :thumbsup: I will post an update soon.
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    Photo Touch Up Job $Negotiable

    Hello, I am looking to touch up some headshots for my agent, I have some photos a (photographer) friend took that I want to use, but need to adjust some of the colors and contrast and also the background. It should not be too hard, and I will share with you what I have done quickly myself, but...
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    Hello from New York

    What's up, everyone? Glad to be here! Haven't posted on a forum in a while but actually used to own one myself when I was younger. I am from North Carolina but now live in New York City. I came here to pursue filmmaking and in particular acting. I know a little bit about photoshop and have...