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Recent content by sahan

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    How the hell did i do that :$

    Hi Gedstar, unfortunately this is the only shot I got before i went back.. sorry I cant explain it any better. 1. first i placed the the original image.. left side pic 2. then i placed another image of the same next to it. 3. then i was trying to move it with the keyboard and I think i was...
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    How the hell did i do that :$

    Hello... Im sure this would have popped up before, could someone help me on this image... and tell me how the hell did i do that ? The original image on the left and right image happened when i tried to paste another image side by side of the original. Also wanna know if there is a way to get...
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    Hello... fellow gurus absolute baby here on .. hope to learn as much as possible from the seniors. thanks