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    Paid Adding image onto another image

    Hi, I can help you. I'll write you via PM
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    Paid $10 via PayPal to edit a photo.

    PM Sent. Left you my e-mail
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    Paid Logo recreation

    Thank you! @asahid Is it mandatory to post the result? Here it is
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    Paid Logo recreation

    Job delivered.
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    Paid Logo recreation

    Yes, I guess so. Again, the output will be a PNG, or PSD. I'll leave you my e-mail via PM
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    Paid Logo recreation

    Well, I guess it's a complete recreation from scratch then. $5 is not enough for a work like that. If you are not willing to pay more I can do it as a PNG though... let me know! I can do either one.
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    Paid Logo recreation

    Hi. I can do that. Do you need this in vector format?
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    Paid Take out someone and put someone in its place-Needs to be private!

    Any chance of getting better pictures? 2nd one is too small. Otherwise it's going to be difficult to get a good result.
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    Paid Colourisation problems

    Job delivered. My bad!