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    Having trouble with creating a reflection for this image

    With transform this little hack may also help:
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    Having trouble with creating a reflection for this image

    Don't try to make everything with one distortion. Make two different distortions: one for the left side and the other one for the right side. Select the left side of the bed, copy it on it's own layer and convert to Smart Object. Apply Distort. Do the same with the right side. Tweak distortions...
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    Text overlay text

    @Rich54. Do you see this? If not then you might be using old version of PS which doesn't support layer styles for groups. No problem it can be done with Smart Objects, although group styles are much better.
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    Text overlay text

    I think its just easy enough:)
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    Need a little perspective help

    While transforming your shape also add some preset warp(for example Arc) with Bend set to 0,1 and H: 0, V:0
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    Best way to blend photo into an image?

    The kids are too green, added levels layer and set Output to 233 for Green channel. Added some shadows and a little sharpenning.
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    PSD files with layers and mask need to make with hard edges

    Apply your Layer Mask Then repeat 11 times: Layer Via Copy Merge Layers I have an action for it called "Opacity->100%"
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    Do you think this photo fake or real?

    Real photos can be taken from all the different views, environments and lights configurations. Some of them you just don't see in the image, all you see is the final result. Hence there could be lots of real photos that could be nevertheless perceived as fake and vice versa. It's almost...
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    Many Concentric Circles

    Create new layer. Open Layer style. In Blending options uncheck Transparency Shapes Layer. Add Gradient Style, Radial. In Gradient editor choose Noise type. Tweak Roughness and other parameters to get the look you want.
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    Need help making paint splatter on wall look better

    Here is my go: To distort splatter along the grooves of thw wall I used Dostort->Glass filter with the Blue channel of the original wall image as the texture. Finally to better pronounce wall texture behind the splatter added Bevel&Emboss texture style for splatter layer where as texture I...
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    How to make an animated panning/zoom shot of an image in PS CS5

    Yet another way is to define a new pattern from your image and add a Pattern layer style. Layer style can be animated - you can pan and scale it.
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    How to make an animated panning/zoom shot of an image in PS CS5

    Create 3D Postcard layer from your image and animate object or camera position.
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    Dynamic Font Size to fit within Box?

    Do you have File->Automate->Fit Image... command? If you do then record simple action: Make your text layer. Duplicate layer to new document(Layer->Duplicate layer...) In the new document choose Image->Trim. Trim transparent pixels on all sides Now choose File->Automate->Fit Image... In the...
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    Quick way to close gaps in line drawing?

    Convert your example to Smart Object. Add Minimum Filter with 3 px radius. Then add Maximum Filter with 3 px radius. Now grab Magic Wand and click outside of the figure. Invert selection. Turn off SO filters. Create new layer with the selection as mask. Open it's Layer styles dialog, uncheck...
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    Bad habits?

    I think it would rather be better to start "Good Habits" thread or "PS lifehacks" thread Just to break the ice: Blend mode Adjustment layer: When you need to apply the layer to itself with another Blend mode many tuts suggest coping the layer and changing the Blend mode of the copy. Another way...