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    Typography wallpaper [2016]

    Thank you dv8_fx! I'll try to get more active on forums because I like to share my work.. But always forgetting where I post my stuff.. Haha! Well I'll drop something in a view minutes!
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    Typography wallpaper [2016]

    Happy new year everyone..
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    Xbox 360 (online)

    Heya! Are here some persons that plays on the Xbox 360 online? I play Splinter Cell Blacklist everyday and CoD MW3. If you want to join.. :) GT: StephanieVM (say that ur from PS forum plz)
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    Nature Photos

    I like the panorama picture. I like sunsets the most if it's about nature photography. My camera got panorama too, so awesome.
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    Can somebady change this image for me?

    Got a question.. You got a logo in Photoshop? Because most of the logo's are made in Illustrator because it are vectors. You can change everything then. I don't compleet understand what you mean but maybe I can look at it send me a private message.
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    Hey everyone!

    Hey all. I was looking for some new forums to put my stuff on and try to learn more and help other people so here I am! My name is Stephanie, I'm from the Netherlands. 22 (almost 23) years young and I'm a desktop publisher at a amazing company My biggest love is Mountainbiking. Next to...