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    Criticize/improve my improvements

    I couldn't help myself. :) :)
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    Im needed your help to choose the right Graphic Tablet

    I have the Wacom Bamboo small. For anything but actual drawing I don't think a big one is necessary and it takes up too much of my desk. I am saving up for the Intuos. There are some things this one just won't do, but as a starter tablet it works. :)
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    Criticize/improve my improvements

    If you are willing to trust me with a copy of the original scan - or put a larger one up on photobucket or imageshack or something like that - I will make some corrections and leave you with the layers so that you can see what I did. I've got some time and would not mind. Does he want it...
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    PhotoshopGurus Forum now runs on SSL

    Works well for me on Firefox, Chrome and IE and unlike Tom I am using old versions of most of them - particularly Firefox - because I have plugins I don't want to lose. :)
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    Jurassic Sunset

    It's wonderful! I'm sure if I looked hard I could find something to comment on. Maybe the deciduous trees in the background? However, that is nitpicking and doesn't change the fact that your blending, placement and color work are amazing. Nicely done!
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    Photo restoration issue

    I've run into those light spots quite often when working with restoration of damaged or old photographs. I've tried curves, hue/sat - everything. The best, easiest way is to clone stamp and/or healing brush them out. I usually try to clone them out on a blank layer with the "sample" set to...
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    Help Creating This Image

    This effect is not terribly difficult. First, create the shapes, each in its own layer. They are rather simple and can easily be created with a polygonal lasso. Then color them to your liking - the base color (in this example it's red, but you can choose any saturated color) Next take a...
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    Helping a grieving father

    Coincidentally I just received in my email a solicitation for help from an organization called Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep. Honestly, I looked at the front page and just lost it - tears streaming down my face. I want to help these folks but as a parent I'm just not sure I can do it. If...
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    Remove unwantd spots from image

    Add contrast, boost with levels, add motion blur and do a stamp visible layer, set to "darker color" blending mode, layer mask out the boat, and you get this. I think it's the kind of look you were wanting? I did this quickly so not quite as precise as I would do normally, but I think it gives...
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    " Take Me Back to Life " My new Design

    Very nice! I love working with water as well. You picked a perfect image of the woman - that can sometimes be the tricky part.
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    REQUEST: Can these photos be saved?

    Yes, they can be saved. Give us a day or two and we'll work on them for you. They won't be studio-perfect but they'll be a good momento of the day!
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    Does anyone know how to achieve this photo effect

    This can be achieved without a filter. Start with a photograph with plenty of space around the subject. Duplicate the image so you're not working on the original. On the copy, play around with adjustment layers - curves, exposure, color balance, vibrance - to enhance the colors you want...
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    Illustrator technique help

    That is not a beginner's piece. It looks to me like it was largely hand-drawn and merely embellished with some textures. You might be able to get the colors and the textures close but they are not what makes the image. What is your skill level at line drawing?
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    Steampunk me

    I'm being totally honest, Chris. In the steampunk genre there is simply no possible way that can be improved on. It's superb. I'm a huge steampunk fan as well but I have a loooooooong way to go before I can even come close.
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    Help on how to do this ?

    Sam, I'm the first to admit that the Phlearn tutorial overcomplicated this effect more than a little and I like your method better. :)