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    Movie Poster Creation.

    Testing My skills at movie poster creation.Let me know where I can improve and if possible post samples of works you've done in relation to this.
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    Sharingan Effect Full Tutorial

    Just used two stock images to come up with the effect.let me know if i can improve on anything
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    How to reset Photoshop preferences (In Windows and Mac)

    Thanks iDad..Mine version had vanished menu.Pressing F to change screen modes didn't work.This sorted it.
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    Image Manipulation-Sharingan Eye Effect

    Hey Guys.Still in my journey doing image Manipulation.Just did a Sharingan effect based on Naruto.Kindly give me tips. heres the file:
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    Started doing Image manipulation

    Thank you.Just gained a few more skills.Highly appreciate.
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    Started doing Image manipulation

    Hi recently go an interest in image manipulation.Kindly advice on what i could have done to refine the image.There is a video showcasing the whole process.
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    Hello From Nairobi

    Hello guys,Adrian here from Nairobi kenya.Glad to be among you.Been checking out the threads and the knowledge base being exhibited is Massive.I'm glad to be here and am sure we can learn alot from each other.