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    Specific Making Jay-Z attractive

    More specific please. What exactly do you have in mind? Smaller nose, more hair, better brows?
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    Specific Remove red leash

    Removed the people behind too
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    Paid Make dog play golf - $5

    Payment received, job delivered!
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    Paid Make dog play golf - $5

    My try, tell me if you want any changes.
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    Paid LOGO

    Job delivered and paid
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    Specific Remove People

    Do you have any other pic of the same location, doesn't matter if you look good or if you are even in them, but it will help recreate the hidden parts.
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    Specific Fun one

    What's the name of the dog? (I wanted to put his name in graffiti on the wall)
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    Specific Can Someone Faceswap me with my friend?

    This was kind of hard, here is my result, I hope someone does something better.
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    Paid LOGO

    pm sent