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    PhotoshopGurus Forum has a New Look!

    I like the wide reply and posts areas... narrow ones make me think we are in a blog.
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    Another 'How Did They Do This?' question!

    It's an excellent way to learn: research, read, digest, try, play... then come back if you have more questions. Or better, try to discover how to do it yourself... hints: selections... then look at your Edit menu :D
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    Photoshop suggestions thread

    If one wants to suggest features, the best place is in the official Adobe Forum: Adobe Forums: Forum: Photoshop Feature Requests or using the form: But discussing here might spark new ideas, or give workarounds, like in this case!
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    Hello from Belgium!

    Hello, fellow Belgian! welcome to PsG!
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    colors different printing from psd document colors

    And desktop printers expect to receive RGB files, otherwise, you end up with an additional color conversion.
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    Resotring a flatened .psd file

    Ioften rename files as soon as I open them. I wish there was incremental numbering in the save box. If you are running on a mac, you have time machine... If you set it up...
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    I've seen it in a tutorial

    Thumbs up for sharing the solution, it might be useful for others!
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    Indexed image

    Thanks for sharing a workaround!
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    Indexed image

    I often found that Windows viewer softens the images a lot...
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    Coloring B & W photo

    The overall result looks very good, the skin tones are a bit pale, the blue dress is maybe a bit too flashy on the gun picture, but it is a matter of taste. I find the green of the cabinet a bit too distracting. Also, could you try to tone down the shadow of the father? I don't get what you...
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    last favor please!!! i thank you

    In a place where you get work done for a retribution, as it should be... Photoshop Freelance Work Imho, a newbies section should be where one teaches you to do something in Photoshop, the "teach to fish" rather than "give a fish" thing...
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    New Photoshop 12.0.3 update available

    Yup, windows only, Latest mac version is 12.0.2
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    Bonjour, Luc!
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    Photoshop CS5 Tooltip Issue with 12.0.2 update "Heads Up"

    This Photoshop 12.02 Windows only bug has been now fixed in the Photoshop update 12.03.
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    Photoshop CS5 Solutions to common problems

    Well, as of today, the version of Ps CS5 for windows is 12.03, as there is a fix for the tooltip bug and one for a security bug that are both absent from the mac version, that stays at 12.02. Adobe - Photoshop : For Windows : Adobe Photoshop 12.0.3 update for Adobe Photoshop CS5 Steve, could...