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    New To The Forum

    Welcome & enjoy the vast knowledge base!
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    Illustrator How might I achieve a similar effect to this...

    Would like to see your results! Make sure you post your progress.
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    Illustrator How might I achieve a similar effect to this...

    It looks a lot like a wav form, so you could try tracing one & play around with stretch & freeform then cut it into shape. For the background behind the spikes, you could create the shape you need, then use scanlines overlay to cut out the lines, then with some opaque erasing & blurring, to...
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    Please sign the petition

    Had to have lol at some of the comments on the petition.
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    Robert DeNiro

    I can only dream of having that level of sketching ability. In my previous attempts at facial or anatomical sketches, I unwittingly create aliens, and ugly ones at that. Kudos to anyone who can draw freehand.
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    Illustrator Creating Logo to use in Photoshop

    Open your Illustrator file that you are happy with, and rather than save as, us the export option, and export to photoshop. This will save a .PSD that you will be able to open in Ps and will hopefully be a faithful Ps version of your Ai file. I hope this solves the issue for you.
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    Portfolio at Behance

    I have one, it is the link in my post signature. I really like it, and generally use it so anyone can go and get an idea of what I do. I also find it very easy to use and edit any existing projects. Mine is a little bit out of date as I haven't updated in a few months,
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    Protect the Golden Eggs

    Very nice indeed. I particularly like the creatures lurking in the shadows.. nice touch.
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    Newbie Needing Critique

    The overall idea is good, but the crashed object and smoke do look stuck on at this point. You need to focus on blending. Getting the added object to look more realistic against the background.
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    Learning to paint in PS

    The suit was a good idea. Makes a big difference in sizing on the initial viewing. Now you made me add a table to my wishlist for this/next year. I'm thinking this one as it's possibly within my price range. I want to practice painting more, so I guess going digital is the way forward for me.
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    Hi, Newbie here :)

    Hi. You're english looks fine. What is your native tongue? Dutch maybe?
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    Can't get the path to fill...

    The menu showing in the 1st screenie looks as though nothing is selected as the fill and stroke options are grey but the make selection isn't. Try clicking and dragging over all the anchor points of one box, then check the fill and stroke options again. Can't promise this will work but it's a...
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    Learning to paint in PS

    That is so nice. Are you using a tablet of any kind?
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    Howdy Folks

    Welcome :)
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    Hello form sunny miami

    Loving the car. Nice job, and welcome :)