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    Photoshopping hair

    How to photoshop hair to make the hair longer and smoother in appearance, so it looks less messy... I'm trying to do this to the back of the head....
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    Removing people out of a photo

    Does anyone know how to edit out a whole person in a photo? I am trying to edit out the person on the left in picture... ImageShack® - Online Photo and Video Hosting
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    Facial Editing..

    thats why i dont know how to do it myself...
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    Facial Editing..

    Can anyone help me edit the face slimmer, and the nose a little taller?
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    Making the arms skinner! Help and tips needed!

    Yep that looks good, but do you think the part below the elbow makes it look unbalanced/out of proportion? do you think it's better to do the same to the top and bottom or as it is?
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    Deleting threads

    IS it possible for members to do this? or MODS only?
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    Facial Feature PhotoShop Help!

    You must go on RedTube a lot then. ;)
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    Making the arms skinner! Help and tips needed! Could anybody help make the arm skinnier and hide the blemishes on it? Every time I try, the arm looks wonky and artificial... Any tips? I know it's very basic stuff but I've only just started to play with PS!
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    Facial Feature PhotoShop Help!

    ~Yep, that looks good, but could you add the background behind her so that it's consistent with the white/cream background in front of her? :) Thank you!!
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    Facial Feature PhotoShop Help! Could someone please help me photoshop a sharper jawline onto the girl in the photo? And make the background behind her white or blend in with the background in front of her, so that it looks consistent? thank you in advance!
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    Hello :)

    I am a complete NEWB at photoshop. :) Please forgive me for schoolboy errors!
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    Hello :)

    Hoping to learn photoshopping tips from you guys,
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    Hello :)

    Hello guys. New member.
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    Me too.