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    Wall Girl Graffiti

    it's my first wall graffiti. Give me your opinion how can I make it better. Before The wall: After:
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    Collage effect!

    Understood. I didn't want to make it real at the beggining but your remarks are so helpful. Thank you.
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    David Beckham and Astronomy!

    Haha that's what I wanted to make, I used threshold and made a clipping mask.
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    Collage effect!

    Yes please I didn't understand.
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    David Beckham and Astronomy!

    David Beckham loves astronomy so I made a nice manipulation for that. BEFORE: AFTER: What do you think about it?
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    Collage effect!

    Hi everyone, Hope you enjoy my manipulation and give me advice. BEFORE: AFTER:
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    Give me your ideas :) (In the attached thumbnail there is my personal signature but I didn't know how to remove it :lol: )
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    Hello everyone!

    Hi! I'm happy to join this forum and I'm eager to see many manipulations and learn more about photoshop. Every help about using forums is welcomed :) Thank you for reading and have a nice day!