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    Coloring black and white 40s pic

    Hi @robswede88 Great work. I hope to be able to competently colorize images yet have not started practicing. A little research on the internet might reveal colors that were used for that car. I am skeptical about the color of the car being a red-pink color though. I draws attention away from...
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    Trying my creative hand - feedback welcome

    Thanks @robswede88
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    Clarification needed on color management workflow

    You asked a lot of questions and not sure I answered them all or answered them all clear enough to easily understand. If I missed something or you want more clarity, just ask John Wheeler
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    Specific Can you photoshop him out of the picture?

    Hi @minoo7 It would help for you to attach a picture to the post with which forum members can proceed to help ;) John Wheeler
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    Resize issue !!

    That's great @meher4real. You're more than welcome. :)
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    Resize issue !!

    Hi @meher4real I will take a guess and that you are working with pixel art / icons that are 24px x 24px Here is an example of a 24 x 24 pixel image that I enlarged to 288 x 288 pixels (1200% increase). The key was to use the nearest neighbor rendering algorithm. If you increase to 300 x 300...
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    Photoshop displaying "Out of Memory" popup

    You're welcome @GracieAllen and if you discover any resolution over time, please post what you find out back on this forum. Other Windows users no doubt could come across a similar issue John Wheeler
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    Photoshop displaying "Out of Memory" popup

    Hi @GracieAllen I do believe I am about at my limit for help with a Windows system (last I seriously used Windows was in 2008 when I moved to Macs). I do not understand the various instructions on how to set the OverridePhysicalMemoryMB as I don't know the specifics of how that impacts the OS...
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    Photoshop displaying "Out of Memory" popup

    Sorry, did not include the link about scratch disks and here it is:
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    Photoshop displaying "Out of Memory" popup

    Hi @GracieAllen I am sure this is extremely frustrating (at least it would be more me) I only run Photoshop on Macs so I can't provide much help. You may have already seen these links yet will provide them here:
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    Trying my creative hand - feedback welcome

    Thanks @chrisdesign , @JeffK , and @polarwoc for your comments. A very nice ego boost which encourages me continue down the creative path and a tad more courage to share more. :)
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    Trying my creative hand - feedback welcome

    For those that know me, know I am left brained, so stronger on the technical side and more challenged on the creative side. I have used PS for some time yet there are still lots of tools and techniques I have never used. So believe it or not I am taking an introduction to PS class through PSA...
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    Changing pattern color

    Not exactly sure of the closeness of match you need you I overlayed the square path over the farm image and adjusted the square path for a closer average match of total color. Is this closer to what you want? John Wheeler
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    Problems With Clipping an Adjustment Layer

    You're welcome @Rich54. btw - I really liked the hair you created and will have to explore how to do so without the Clipping Mask issues. Will have to try the approaches other forum members mentioned.
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    Trolls Live Here!

    Credit to @JeffK for the original image that was a response to an OPs request. I just added the little phrase above Mace Windu of the Jedi council. As I recall Mace was played by actor Samuel L Jackson who also as I recall played as an actor for Capital One commercials with the line "What's in...