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    Specific Parsons as Kang

    Here is my try at the second image John Wheeler
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    Picture Quality

    Hi INT I agree with @Ross that it depends on your final usage. Keep in mind that the end resolution has to do with not just number of pixels yet the quality of the lens, using aperture with sufficient DOF yet not beyond where diffraction causes an issue, flatness of object being photographed...
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    Color over flow - Magic Wand Tool help!!

    I have been caught by that one also mask feathering so have been personally burned (not the best memories yet more long lasting memories) :)
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    Color over flow - Magic Wand Tool help!!

    I think I might now the answer on this one. When doing the selection there is one other checkbox you can turn off which should help and that is the Anti-Alias checkbox. The intent is with that checked to have a little fuzziness around the selection which especially helps with non...
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    Urgent and huge problem with color profile

    Hi mastertasso If you followed the instructions exactly and the image still looks the same and good on your monitor, then very likely you have the correct Color Space now assigned to the image. When you don't know the original Color Space of the iamge, it is a bit of a guessing game. This...
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    Smudge Tool Created Odd Streaking Patterns

    Have you tried resetting the tool? Also, it would help to see the pre smudge image and where the smudge starts to see if forum members can reproduce the problem and help debug the issue Just a suggestion.
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    Creating something out of nothing

    Hi smugsy Any forum member that wants to take the provided image and proceed with either suggestions for you or adding edits to help you is fine with me. I suggest they use the dropbox link image as that is much higher resolution as a starting point. A couple thoughts though. There seems to...
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    Urgent and huge problem with color profile

    Hi mastertasso I will show you how to set an appropriate color space for the image yet note that this may not solve all of your problems. This would be one good step though to start out with. 1) Does the image look good on you monitor. If yes, go to step 2 2) Is your monitor calibrated and...
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    Canvas resizing

    Glad it worked for you. Yes there are some gotchas when you crop and don't delete pixels. Glad you got it figured out. John Wheeler
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    Canvas resizing

    Your welcome and let us know if you have any issues with the approach. Older versions of PS use different keyboard keys when stretching crop tool boundaries and keeping the aspect ratio and keeping the center point. I was using CC 2019 for the instructions I gave. John Wheeler
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    Canvas resizing

    Hi rtcary To create a canvas that totally fits the W x H 5 x 4 image into a 3 x 2 aspect ratio is following the stops I had above and adding one more step (full instructions below with added step) - With the image in PS select the entire image (marching ants around entire image). Most...
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    Urgent and huge problem with color profile

    If you uploaded the original image "as is" to the forum or to a file sharing site if the image is too large that way, that would be best. That way, the actual color profile with the image would be included. Another way is in the lower left corner of PS, if displays a characteristic of the...
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    Canvas resizing

    Hi rtcary If you have a W x H image that is 5 x 4 (horizontal) aspect ratio "and" you want to crop within those image boundaries to a smaller total area of an aspect ratio of W x H = 3 x 2 (still a horizontal image), then the math would be to multiply the width by 2/3 to get the desired height...
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    Specific Fill color of image portion

    You’re welcome TYNEE :)
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    Specific Picture I have of my grandmother.

    Hi Starwind I bet there are going to be more forum submission better than mine yet thought I would give it a try. Hope you like the results and I also hope more forum members contribute their tries as well John Wheeler