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Recent content by Tom Mann

  1. Tom Mann

    Enhancing old 35mm Slide scans

    Hi Efiste - When I first brought up the subject of a color profile for your printer, I had no idea whether you might have been using some really low end or business model scanner, or if you were using something more appropriate for color critical work. Fortunately, with respect to color...
  2. Tom Mann

    Enhancing old 35mm Slide scans

    Which model Epson? I ask because color calibration profiles are available for some. Tom M
  3. Tom Mann

    Loading Photoshop versions

    As far back as I can remember (...and cs6 is definitely going back some years), the newly installed version won't touch the existing version. For almost all purposes, they will act like completely separate programs. Tom M
  4. Tom Mann

    How to get this look

    There are lots of ways to do this, but I doubt that a single color adjustment would ever be sufficient. If it were me, I would start out by generating separate masks for: (1) the snow fields on the mountain; (2) the left side of the mountain and the clouds on that side; (3) the sky; (4) the...
  5. Tom Mann

    question for band logo

    John's (ie, "fredfish's") advice is equally applicable to other images relating to Lois Lane, and perhaps, even the name itself. There is an excellent chance that some company holds the copyrights to such things, and should your band succeed beyond your wildest dreams and then appear to the...
  6. Tom Mann

    Embarrassing Stain on Shirt

    Your links only lead viewers to a generic home page, not to the individual pix. Perhaps that link only works for you, or one needs to be a member to get access. Please provide working links, or, even better, post the pix directly in the forum instead of linking to them. Tom M
  7. Tom Mann

    Save JPEG file for Web incorporating soft proof color profile

    Great! I'm glad that method meets your needs. Come back if you have more questions. Cheers, Tom M
  8. Tom Mann

    Need help increasing size/resolution of image

    folakas - Thank you for joining PSG. While extremely important, the question you asked is also basic and written in overly general terms. For example, you haven't told us what photo editing software you know how to use, whether you need to enlarge one picture or a thousand, or even why you need...
  9. Tom Mann

    Best image resizing plugins? Pros and cons.

    As I'm sure you must know, discussion of the best image resizing algorithm / software package has been a real can of worms that dates even from pre-Photoshop days, ie, the late 1980's through late 1990's, when many of the algorithms were still being discussed in Computer Science classes and...
  10. Tom Mann

    Need help increasing size/resolution of image

    Please post the image. Often, what you are asking can't be done without a lot of work, whereas other times, one can do a reasonable job without much effort, but it all depends on the image. Tom M
  11. Tom Mann

    Adding false color to grey-scale x-ray images - help!

    There are several ways to do this, but here's a good place to start: Google {Photoshop tutorial "gradient map"} If u have any questions after working through a couple of the tutorials, don't hesitate to ask. Even better, because Photoshop is really designed for artists, not scientists or...
  12. Tom Mann

    PC/Mac different colors

    Guys, a caution: before you suggest that there are significant differences between uncompressed files (or compressed by a lossless algorithm) compared to files saved as JPGs at Q=12, then please read through this post and the surrounding thread: Save jpeg at quality 10 vs 12... In it, I...
  13. Tom Mann

    Save JPEG file for Web incorporating soft proof color profile

    If I understand your question correctly, I think that we can simplify what you are asking to the following: "I would like to produce a JPG image that looks like what I see when I soft proof a "starting" image." In other words, we can ignore all the details of exactly how you obtained the...
  14. Tom Mann

    3D Fusion Generator

    :yourock: Your design looks really good, Chris, but I'm worried that it looks a bit too small to keep up with Die Maschine am das Max-Planck-Institut für Plasmaphysik in Garching bei München: :bustagut: :bustagut: :bustagut...
  15. Tom Mann

    Illustrator How To Draw Planet Earth In Adobe Illustrator - Flat Design

    My apologies! I didn't forget to turn on the audio (in fact, I checked a couple of times), BUT, what I did forget to do was to replace the cable to the speakers after I had pulled the computer away from the wall to do some work on it. My bad! I've cleaned up the rest of the thread and will...