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    PSG Freelance Designer Reviews

    Got ShotbySN to do a photoshop edit for me and did a fanastic job.
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    Paid I need some help with a background

    What i want done is a faded photo of ned kelly's helmet in the top right, a silhouette of a Australian light horse man (WW1) on the beach and the southern cross (kinda just blending into the clouds) just to the left of the lightning and if you can a shark fin just at the start of the mouth of...
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    Paid Need a new gamer pic

    Mate your a local hero I love all 3 let me know how much
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    Paid Need a new gamer pic

    Hey guys I’m trying to get a profile pic made for all my accounts would love to get someone who’s talented (unlike me) to make one. I have 2 ideas ethire take the kenworth logo and replace the Kw with TT (not like the pic thats just for reference) or have a kenworth truck with tornados coming...