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    Old member!!! (since 2003!!!)

    I almost forgot about this site...i'm relearning photoshop on CS6 and wondered if my login would still work here, haven't logged in since 2005! Wowzer. I remember how freaking helpful this site was back then (learning photoshop 7) , I learned so much from here. I've been focusing on photography...
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    Font identification help?

    what the font? is a great resource if you ever come across a font you dont know. Just upload an image of the font and it will suggest matches.
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    Extreme white

    You're getting what are called "blown-out" highlights, meaning that the highlights are so bright that they have no information in them at all, meaning that there are areas that are absolute white. Digital cameras are notorious for blowing out highlights, more so than normal film, because the...
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    Correcting Out Of Gamut Colors

    Wonderful piece of advice, Erik! Thanks!
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    Illustrator Feedback please!

    I'm doing a poster for a local club, if you have time, here it is...tell me if / where i've gone wrong. Thanks for your time everyone!<br>
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    Neat and easy way to selectively turn things black or white

    Heres a neat way to use a channel mixer adjustment layer to turn things that are mainly one color black or white. 1. Open your image 2. Create a new channel mixer adjustment layer and check the monchrome check box 3. Set its blend mode to darken(black) or lighten(white) 4. Experiment with...
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    Illustrator something I did for a magazine

    Yeah, thats a great book. Wonderful illustration! :righton:
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    How do make this ?

    I agree MsOz !
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    How do make this ?

    Yeah, that you create art and they have lawful rights to it once you upload it is totally unfair. But its in their terms and conditions(edit, they dont own copyrights automatically, but they have a right to seek it if they so desire). Its a pretty popular site, and I think people trade off the...
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    How do make this ?

    This was taken from a Worth1000 contest ( ), and yes, it is copyrighted. Once you upload something to one of their contests, they own the copyright, and the terms and conditions state that no image may be posted anywhere else. I'm...
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    How to retouch this photo, hlp pls!!!!!!

    But you disagree with me that the blue channel is still in disrepair?? -there are obvious stripes in it after your correction... [excited]
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    How to retouch this photo, hlp pls!!!!!!

    I never saw any banding problems in the green channel, it was the blue channel that was the worst...
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    My new portfolio and imaging website

    Beautiful! Im very impressed.
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    Create a image inside letters/words

    You want them to "clip" to those smily face photoshop speak. The way to do this is create one layer of your picture and then another layer for your text. Then put your mouse between the two layers while holding alt, then click when you see the wierd cursor shape. This will have the...
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    How to retouch this photo, hlp pls!!!!!!

    Im not arguing my way is better, its just the way i would do it. Its not how you do it but the end result that really matters. I think yours looks perfectly acceptable minus the yellow bands in the blue channel. awesome.