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    How can I achieve that dotted texture?

    Hey guys, probably a newbie question, but do you know how to get this effect? (I'm not talking only about the dotted pattern, but also the texture added to give it that kinda printed material) Thanks! Mod Edit: Please read our rules and upload all images directly to the forum.
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    How to color highlights?

    Thanks but I asked something different - how do I put colour instead of the highlights? like in the examples the highlights (most bright areas of the image) are yellow.
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    How to color highlights?

    Hey photoshop wizards, Do you have any idea how can I colour highlights in images like these examples:
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    How Do I Apply old newspaper texture?

    Hey guys, I've seen this image... I wonder - how do I apply that texture added to the vector artwork? Was it created using photoshop or Illustrator? :rolleyes: Thnaks!
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    How do I create this black and white effect?

    Hey guys, I saw an Instagram post with a photo of Shanghai Tower. The tower has that black and white effect which makes it look like the skeleton of the building. How do I apply this effect? thanks <3 :rolleyes:
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    Why does my image look crap on Instagram?

    Hey photoshop masters, I created some lettering piece on Photoshop using (with gaussian blur). I created it with 1080X1080, sRGB, 300dp and exported it as png from Export > "Save for Web". When I upload it on Instagram the image is losing from its sharpness and the blurry areas look damn bad...
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    How do I create this popular lettering effect?

    The letters created by hand of course, but I meant the colourful- gradienty look it has.
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    How do I create this popular lettering effect?

    Hey photoshop masters, So I see this effect quite a lot on Instagram and Facebook and I wish I knew how they do it: do you have any idea or tutorial for that? thanks :wink:
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    How to create twisted text effects?

    Hey guys, I really want to apply some cool effects to my text to create something more interesting like these: Do you have any idea\ tutorial \ guide? Thanks! :thumbsup: