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Recent content by ZipedX

  1. ZipedX

    I'm in love

    Had a go too. Camera Raw+PS [EDIT] Still not color balanced I realise after posting...
  2. ZipedX

    Time Traveler

    Only just now saw this post. Love it Chris, especially how it feels 3D and yet 2D at the same time.
  3. ZipedX

    Printing Photos - Too much cropping

    Your on a generosity streak ALB? Been pondering moving closer to my mailbox too? :cheesygrin: Seriously though that is a generous offer.
  4. ZipedX

    Printing Photos - Too much cropping

    @annelohr, yeah use insert image then follow the below. @IamSam Hope it's okay to borrow this from you, otherwise PM me and we can talk royalties.:wink: [EDIT] Just to make sure: 1) Open your image in PS 2) Go to Image>Image Size * What does this say? 3) Go to the Toolbar>Crop...
  5. ZipedX

    Printing Photos - Too much cropping

    Hi again Anne. Take a look at these: Shutterfly recommended resolution Costco recommended resolutions (Scroll to bottom of page) And for the punchline... I bring you MrTom! :wink:
  6. ZipedX

    Printing Photos - Too much cropping

    Glad it worked out for you Anne, looking forward to see you around the forum.
  7. ZipedX

    Printing Photos - Too much cropping

    Hi Anne. I'm no expert on online photo printing services but maybe shutterfly uses a printer that cannot fill the entire sheet. To avoid leaving their customers with a white frame around the picture they crop of say two millimiters around the entire picture. If this is the case it should be...
  8. ZipedX

    Before and After Retouching....What's your opinion?

    The first (Retouch 01) I quite like, maybe it's been taken a bit to far on the neck and below the left eye though. In my opinion those look a bit smudged. As for the second (Retouch 02)... It's over the top for me feels like a barbie.
  9. ZipedX

    Skin retouching with frequency separation

    Tom Mann This subject isn't something I've worked alot with but it interests me greatly and since I'm lacking both the know how and the experience... Do you have any good reads to recommend? Both links and hardbacked equally appriciated. I'll gladly take all you guys input too of course.
  10. ZipedX

    Skin retouching with frequency separation

    Couldn't help myself... 20min>clone+heal>surface blur> LAB>PSG @chrisdesign I like the overall color tones in yours Chris how you manage those? [EDIT] Added a Hue saturation layer set to color... Still this doesn't feel like how you did it chris.
  11. ZipedX

    Skin retouching with frequency separation

    axxo I recognise myself in Larrys earlier post (regarding 3p's) and consider myself in "guru training" at the moment. So what method do you use to battle this? To this point what I'm using is a copy of the original with turned down opacity placed as top layer. Sent using tapatalk
  12. ZipedX

    We have two new Moderators.

    Congratulations guys! Looking forward to get moderated by you too. Sent using tapatalk
  13. ZipedX

    Please help! Print problem

    Okay I can't reproduce this problem from my end. I went to: Clicked on get started Upload photos (choose design provided by you) Checked the little box beside the thumbnail saying carter.jpg [EDIT] I had to convert to jpg cause cosco didn't support pdf...
  14. ZipedX

    Please help! Print problem

    Hi canuckschick.Could you also please link too the site your trying to upload your design to? My default answer would be that the printerservice needs to trim the image somewhat. From what I can see of your design though it's 14,5 x 11,5 so I'm guessing you had considered this already. [EDIT]...
  15. ZipedX

    Challenge 25: Car Chop! Pick your Favorite!

    @axxo If this keep's up I think I can guess at challeng 26. :wink: