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Recent content by Zod

  1. Zod

    Work in Progress Anyone have any drawings or paintings in the works?

    Umm... I don't do digital paintings so much as I do oil paintings does that count? I use photo editing to work on and build scenes for my paintings though. I'll attach my currently finished painting though if that's allowed
  2. Zod

    Specific Remove cigarette from mouth

    There was some issue with the filter. So I blurred it out and tried to make it look like your finger. Hope this helps
  3. Zod

    Specific Could anybody photoshop a phrase in here.

    Wasent sure about the font type so I kept it plain.
  4. Zod

    Specific Star Wars sith background

    I got a bit over zealous working on this one. Hoping the transfer goes smoothly. Had to lower the export quality a bit.
  5. Zod

    Greetings and salutations.

    Just joined here updating my profile reading the rules. And wanted to introduce you to the bipedal humanoid that is me. ... hopefully I didn't blunder this introduction thing.
  6. Zod

    Specific Can you change the background from white to black?

    That was fun practice. Granted it was a completed request already. Still wanted to try it.