1. Y

    Straighting vertically an object in photoshop

    Hello everyone! I want to make sure this wacom pen will be straight vertically, that means I will have to rotate it but is there an accurate way to doing so so it will be exactly straight
  2. A

    Terrain Design !

    Pay: $250-325 Length: 4-6 days Project: I need a pro to take a chance with this project. I will need a 8193x8193 res file, the file should contain all the pieces of the terrains below but with seamless transitions and accurate depth for each section. The image should represent a height map...
  3. P

    Problem with magnetic pen tool

    Hallo, I have problem with pen magnetic pen tool. When I draw path, I have chosen (in magnetic pen tool settings) many anchor points on my path. I see them there. But When I finish my drawing (the start and end point are connected together) the path is not that accurate. Photoshop plain the...
  4. N

    most accurate color selection

    hello.i'm looking for the most accurate color selection method in photoshop for L,a,b color mode. what i want to achieve is to know the values for L,a and b that would let me enter those values to excel file which will tell me which shade is the closest. so those shaders values are the most...
  5. MikeMc

    Topaz Glow....

    If you are an older player with PS you might remember Fractalis This is a newer algorithm and extras from what I have read. Simple plug in for Photoshop, it also runs as a standalone program, thats a first for me from Topaz. As in most Topaz plugins, they have a menu of presets....If you like...
  6. M

    Why is circularity measure and perimeter not accurate??

    I've noticed that the new analysis measurement functionon of PS CS5 seems to be inaccurate. I'm trying to do a research study which requires measurement of circularity. The formula 4pi(area/perimeter^2) gives the ideal circle as 1.0. This is the formula given in the adobe manual. However...