1. R

    Reinstalling Photoshop

    What ho one and all, Being a bit of a Luddite, I am happy with CS3 on my XP machine. Recently, Bridge has been going AWOL too often, so I want to reinstall PhotoShop, along with Bridge and whatever version of ACR I have. But I want to keep various bits and pieces, actions, workspace, various...
  2. gedstar

    Creative Cloud unable to reach adobe servers

    Is anybody having issues getting the latest updates to PSCC2015, I think it's just a ACR update so I downloaded it manually from here But still getting the Creative Cloud unable to reach adobe servers error Here's a thread...
  3. Robes

    Toggle Between ACR and PS ??

    Hello All- I don't understand how to go back & forth between ACR and PS with Raw (Nef) files. From ACR (after basic edits) I open to PS as "smart objects" having saved the last ACR settings before so, as a "snapshop" in ACR. This 1st snapshot is always available to the end. Once in PS I...
  4. T

    Can't get .NEF images into Camera Raw 6.6 without becoming .JPG

    For some reason when I attempt to open an .NEF image in Camera Raw 6.6, the image automatically loads as a .JPG. Is there a way to keep the image in the native .NEF format when bringing it into ACR 6.6 -- the eventual goal is to then open the Raw image in Photoshop CS5. Thanks!
  5. H

    Black screen in Lab Color Mode

    Hello all, I'm having an odd problem with Photoshop CS3 and Lab Color Mode. When I convert an image from RGB to Lab, all I get is a completely black image. According to this flickr thread, users speculate whether it having to do with the Adobe Camera Raw version, Graphics Card type, or...