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  1. A

    On Commercial Shoots, How Do I Mount Products?

    Hi, everyone. I'm new to studio photography, and looking for some help with how to mount products that I'm shooting such as watches, cologne bottles, etc.. I think I've seen that photographers have used some kinds of extension arms? I see all these clamps, and grips, and I'm not sure what it all...
  2. W

    car decal

    can someone please put this decal on the side of my car? we are discussing advertising and this seems a good way to do it
  3. agentmoeller

    couple recent logos.....

    ...for local organizations. Blurred the names so there's no "advertising."
  4. photosfxart

    Advertising illustration design

    Here is one of the advertising illustration design that I'm working now. To be continued... :)
  5. D

    Simulate bright in composition

    Hello! I'm trying to simulate the effect of this image, but I'm having trouble to do the "bright" in the background. Do you guys have any ideas how can I reach a similar effect? Thanks! By the way, if you guys known a similar font like that, I would appreciate. Thank you, again!
  6. S

    Digital Advertising project help.. Where to start.

    Hey folks.. Figured this would be a good place to get some help. I'm doing a digital advertising project that is "multifaceted" as my prof put it. I have to create a slideshow, using pictures of individuals performing random acts (ie. playing basketball).. I then need to choose a product...