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  1. MariaT

    This site looks amazing!

    Hi, just found this site and I have to say it looks amazing! I've always tried photo editing tools but just never seem to have the skills for it :neutral: Some of the skills you guys have are a real talent, wow! :thumbsup:
  2. A

    How to create this Highlight coloring effect?

    This is the work of Marcelo Cantu, an amazing guy really, I want to learn how he did this effect
  3. M

    Please Help Me! HOW DO I DO THIS?

    I was messing around on lightroom and hit A then this filter thing popped up. thats the picture with the filter. I tried saving it and it didnt work. I bet there is a way to do this in photoshop but i dont know what it is called or anything if anyone has a tutorial that would be amazing thank you.
  4. Paul

    Any Maccas using this?

    Is it any good the video looks amazing.
  5. F

    Please help removed the red from this pic!

    Hey Guys, Last night I met UFC heavyweight contender Mark Hunt however I didnt check the pic til after I left the after party and there happened to be a red light from the disco lights on our faces. Can you please try fix this up as best you can? It would mean the world to me. If you're...
  6. P

    Hi Everyone

    Hi PS Gurus, :redface: I'm not sure how much I'll post on here cause I tend to be pretty shy, but anyway...I'm more of an intermediate user of Photoshop, definitely not at the advanced level, but not a beginner either. I mostly just make stuff for my own enjoyment with brushes and following...
  7. Y

    How did they do photoshop/photograph this clothswap?

    Hi, I just saw this picture when looking for a WP template. How did they photoshop/photograph this clothswap, so that it fits perfectly? (especially since this is very tight underwear so it seems extra hard) It would be really amazing if you can give me a (rough) rundown, as I would really...
  8. B

    Still Learning

    I'm about to enter my 76th year on this planet and am still trying to figure things out. My initiation into the Digital World started with Premiere Pro 6.5. Adobe opened up a new world for me particularly with the Cloud allowing me to see new software. Before the Cloud I was familiar with the...
  9. A

    Hello everywun =] !

    Hiii ! I'm Ari , I'm trying to learn how to use photoshop to make my friends look even more amazing (and myself :p) but i'm just a beginner, so feel free to teach me some tricks ! ;*
  10. R

    Amazing photography tutorial in photoshop

    Hi friends, in this tutorial I’ll show you how to make an amazing photography in photoshop. We will create a mini planet in photoshop. This amazing phtoshop tutorial will help you to build photography skill for using photoshop. For creating this we just need an image and our photoshop. Go to...
  11. J

    Need Someone That Is Amazing At Intros !

    i will not pay for an intro if you would be kind enough and do it for free the most i will do is put you in my sub box and my friends subbox <3 please xx