1. A

    Specific Mother’s Day pet photo

    I was looking to put all our family pets into one photo. The background can be generic or grass. Thanks.
  2. A

    Specific Unbluring and enhancing picture quality of a Marmoset

    So a few days ago I took a picture of a Marmoset I work with but the picture came out blurred. Could somebody fix this please
  3. Msainz

    Florida state forest animals

    please comment and critique thanks
  4. ugur

    Weird Cat

    There is one stock here, the cat: And two other pictures are taken by me. I remember that once this type of animals are very famous but everyone is get bored, except me :) Result:
  5. ibclare

    Our Cat Suki

    Dave and I went to a work banquet Friday night after a really long & already emotional day, meeting commitments, driving all over the county. Dave drove 250 miles that day, home from work, downtown with me, up to the dinner at a cas-ino in north county, home . .. (Stupid auto mod wouldn't let...