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  1. B

    Filled screen

    Hi, just recently my PSCS and Elements both completly fill the screen with images when I open a folder. The corner handles do not work and the minimise button is missing. This is really annoying as I like to see at least part of the editor screen with a image folder open. any help appreciated.
  2. L

    ffffff(white) text turns transparent in Mac Photoshop CC 2014

    Anyone got any idea why this happens? happens to both text with effects applied and just normal text as well...its very annoying.
  3. M

    Brush problem: Color Dynamics Freaks out...

    Hi... so i have a small very annoying problem, i'm currently working on a drawing and i use the color dynamics a lot to do the texture, now it has worked well so far... i pick between a light and dark color, and depending on how hard i press my pen down on the tablet i can colors and nuances...