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    How do I replicate this design technique in Psd

    Hi, I wanted to try and replicate an artists design idea in photoshop but I'm wondering what's the best way to do it.
  2. K

    Aircraft Reflections

    I posted a few months ago, trying to duplicate a style I liked of another photographer and so many on this forum were so wonderful to help me, I can't thank you all enough. Still not 100% satisfied with my results, in comparison to the other artist's reflections, but here is my latest attempt...
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    Templates to Mockups

    Hi Gents, I've been having quite some trouble getting templates for my shirts onto actual products. Could someone kindly help me out? I think a flat laying t-shirt would be best as if it is on a model, the image will have to be manipulated to form around where the arms fold down...
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    Hi everyone!

    I'm new here and I'm not sure if I'll have anything to share with the group. I sell advertising across the state of Florida so I have worked with a large number of graphics artists. My job is to find customers, list the details of what info needs to go into the ad, attach any existing artwork...
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    How do I get this look? Filter? Other?

    Other artists image: My image: