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  1. P

    Please photoshop these images together

    Sorry for another request so soon (I'm working on a D&D campaign) but I need help making another character Could you please attach the head/face of this following picture and replace the one in this picture while adding this sword to his right hand and the sheathe to his left (or just...
  2. P

    Hoe to make faded effects?

    Hi Gurus its my first request in here .Am attaching an image and i would like to know how to achieve that effect. Am also attaching my own effort so far .So please guide me through.Thanks Ok on the above attached image how to make the image blurred or faded at the left hand side of it.Am...
  3. C

    Napoleon on an Aprilia

    Hi guys! I'm new here and I hope I'm not asking for something too crazy but I would love it if someone could replace the horse Napoleon is riding in the picture below with the Aprilia RSV4 I'm attaching. Would be cool if it looks like he is doing a wheelie with the motorcycle in the end...
  4. A

    Top Layer Option Doesn't work

    Hello, I am using Photoshop CS6, if someone familiar with this addon or the errors I am having please do let me know how to resolve them. I am attaching you the video.
  5. pslane

    Illustrator not enough rams?

    I am attaching an error box that says there is not enough ram available. I'm (trying to) do this tutorial, using the 3D tool. What can do about this? Thanks, pslane