1. C

    Specific Cool Car Edits I can use for a small business?

    As the subject suggest, does anyone have any cool car edits you have designed in the past that I can use for my relatives business? Its a car dealer that has been opened for a year and let's just say he has not hit the big leagues yet, which is why I am in the free section. Ideally we would want...
  2. J

    Help error with auto blend

    This error happened when i auto blend two layer, i need help, thank you
  3. K

    Probably simple!

    So, there are 2 computers where I am working, 1 has CC and 1 has CS4. On one of them when you 'Apple M' for curves and press Auto you get a nice smooth S shaped curve which is a good starting point to then adjust the (normally) two points on the single curve line over the histogram - fine! On...
  4. A

    urgent help !!auto blend layers issue .

    hi all, this is my 1st time posting here & i come for indeed help !! i have big issue with Photoshop auto blend layers i have tried all selections it never worked totally frustrated !! the issue is when i auto blend layers its either turns white or it doesn't change at all from the original...
  5. K

    Auto contrast, Auto tone, Levels white balance not working

    I have a new problem when I use auto contrast or white balance using levels the image turns a slightly reddish color? Never experienced this before?
  6. S

    [Question] PS Auto Blend Layer Not Stacking In Correct Order

    Hey guys, New to the forum here, thanks for the help! I have 3 images that I would like to stack. Of the 3 images, the subject in 2 of them slightly overlap. I am unable to change the order in which they are stacked, so I can have the one I prefer on the top. I have 3 layers, I select them...
  7. M

    Probably a newb question

    Hi Eveyone and thanks in advance for any help I am currently making images using cd's and there covers. I have made a template and it works. However i am wanting to know if there is a way i can add a new image (layer) to my template and have it auto resize and position. I am probably explaining...
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    Need help with ideas for a logo

    Hey guys! I am currently trying to come up with an idea for a new logo for a business that I help out. I have hit a wall with ideas though. So the business name is Master Tech Auto Mechanics. First of all, I want to drop the Auto Mechanics and leave it at Master Tech. It is a BMW, Mercedes...
  9. K

    'Auto' on levels layer mask is grayed out

    This is the strangest thing, and I am completely stumped. I have CS5, and have been using it for several years with no problems. In the middle of an editing session, when I add a levels layer mask, the 'auto' button is grayed out. If I close Photoshop entirely and open it again, I can use the...
  10. E

    Auto adjusting in Elements 6

    Scanning some older pics into my Pc for my family, and enhancing them with ELEMENTS 6, mainly a quick fix on AUTO mode, some of the pics get a rash of white pixels heres whats happening on some of the colour ones, Can I easily correct this, or prevent it happening. Im scanning them in...
  11. B

    Auto place in free transform

    Hi, how can I enable "auto place" in free transform mode ? I click something, and now I have free transform without some placing (in the middle of bg, on sites....) - like when you press ctrl.
  12. F

    Pen Tool Tracing Help

    When I try to trace an image with the pen tool, the tool will auto fill in my design. I cannot get the pen tool to trace only. How do I turn off the option to auto fill? Please see attached for an example. Your help is greatly appreciated.
  13. S

    How do I automatically "Update All Modified Content" on a linked smart object

    I have a single smart object which will act as a texture layer. This texture layer is linked to over 100 documents, when I want to put a new texture in this smart object I save it then open up 1 of the 100 documents, it has the yellow warning symbol and I have to click "Update All Modified...
  14. D

    Auto color drawings?

    Hey people! :) I like drawing in black and white, but whenever it comes to coloring the drawings, I always tend to just leave it, because it bores me, big time. Does anyone here know of a way to "auto" color drawings? Is there some sort of action or plugin that can somehow figure out the black...
  15. S

    auto select multiple images

    Hello, can any tell me if there is any way to auto select muliple images from one file? I have an image file that i scanned which has about 20 different stamps on it. I want to take each individual stamp and put them into there own layers so i can save them as separate images. Is it possible to...