background eraser

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    Specific Make image transparent

    I'm really bad at Photoshop, and even if I was any good at it, I have no programs to do it. So can you guys help me with this? It's quite simple, just remove the background. Thanks :) Also, optionally, if you feel like doing a little more, can you try to get the resolution of the image higher? I...
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    Help would be greatly appreciated!

    Hi all! I am in the process of making t-shirts for one of my friends and ran into a little snag when it came to uploading the pictures - I'm really bad at Photoshop! If somebody would please help me, that'd be great as I'm trying to get these done ASAP! The only thing I need is all of the...
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    Easy Background Removal

    Hello, I've tried a bunch of different methods but outside of sitting there for hours with the eraser tool trying to get things precise (which never works the way you want it too) i've been completely unable to remove a background from an image without getting a halo. I've tried the quick...