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background removal

  1. Q

    Specific Make the wings translucent.

    Hello there. The wings are translucent. Although I removed the background, the black background that still persists within the wings. I need the remaining black background in the wings removed. My attempt. Original
  2. I

    Removing a black background

    Is there any more efficient technique to remove black background from a "very busy" subject/image like this - without getting much jaggy edges? I really need to remove those "dark pocket section" between trees as clean as possible. Any advice would be very much appreciated! Thanks in advance!
  3. C

    Specific I can’t seem to rasterize?

    Hi, I am trying to remove the paper background of these two sketches. I’ve tried to rasterize but I can’t figure out what’s wrong with my steps. Too much image being removed. Thank you in advance if you’re able to help!
  4. J

    Specific background cleaning

    Hola friends :) Could someone please remove the people from the background of this picture? I would be super grateful :) Thanks so much!!!!
  5. softwarelover

    Batch Automation Non uniform background removal - photographed brochure pages

    Hi guys, Whatever I tried I cannot remove unnecessary grey background because the backgrounds of the pages aren't scanned but photographed under non uniform lighting. I need an action for batch processing of similar pages. Any help is highly appreciated.
  6. A

    Specific Remove images from background!

    Hey all! I'm having a hard time removing images from their backgrounds without making them having pixelated and messy borders. Could you please help me separate them from their background? I would appreciate it so much!! Clock Image: to have just the clock without the buildings in the...
  7. T

    Specific Remove things from background?

    They're pretty small but it just annoys me. See the second pic for specifics, which I'd like to get removed Thanks !!
  8. A

    How would you trace these brush combs?

    I'm currently in a pickle to remove the objects out of their native grey background in order to have them added to a cosmetic catalogue, I'm having trouble with the tiny hairlike spikes coming out of the brush (esp. the "green" one). What would be the quickest way to do it, how about the...
  9. T

    Suggestions on how to remove girl

    I think I have tried every help I could find on the net but still cant remove girl from this similar coloured background. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  10. O

    Help needed for my art project

    I need to get the background removed from one of these two pictures, so only kanye and the floating stage are left ((need it for my art project, going to take him out of context and replace him as a lamp lol)). I tried many different things but the picture is too complex for me, but i'm not a...
  11. T

    Which is the best tool for background removal?

    1. background eraser 2. pen tool 3. magic wand
  12. M

    Background change please.

    Hiya. Can someone please change this picture so that it looks like the couple are maybe sitting on a bench somewhere pretty watching the sunset. It's a really sentimental picture which I want to get printed on a canvas for a close friend and I know it would melt her heart. Any help is very much...
  13. D

    How to cut bacground from behind car window?

    Hi, I need remove background from a photo of a car. This is some kind of a qick job since the guy who is doing it is getting 1€ per photo (to shoot it and deliver). I tired everything but this is out of my scope.. Removing the background around the car is easy offcourse, but how to remove it...
  14. benftaylor

    Can someone remove the background on my logo please?

    Hi all Need someone the remove the backgrounds completely on these images PRETTY PLEASE i keep trying but get a thin pixel layer of white around the lettering which looks awful! (On the phone i still want the screen white just the background to the overall image gone)
  15. S

    Help with removing background from GLASS terrariums

    Hey there, I have been working at this problem for a while and still haven't found a good solution, so here goes: I am starting a new business making terrariums and am starting to take product shots to build my website. I am trying to take the photo of a few terrariums (glass container with...
  16. B

    Hi - Urgent help need with replacing background

    Hi, First off, my name is Brandon, I'm 19 and I'm a student at the University of Greenwich studying Film & Television Production. Now, the problem I have is this, I had a last minute photoshoot where I didn't have the best equipment with me which has left me and my limited Photoshop...
  17. D

    Cutout and apply enhancements?

    I just really like my smile on this pic and wishes to do something about it, I want to cut it out and apply some enhancements but not sure what or how Here's my cutout but I know it is not perfect Can anybody do some tricks of my photo and give it an effect?