1. G

    Specific Can you make me look bald?

    Can someone make me look completely bald? My hair has been thinning for a while and I’m considering shaving my head buzzed. I’d really appreciate it
  2. T

    Aloha! Looking for an edit to memorialize my recently deceased mother

    Hello! :-D Could someone please make this a solo portrait w the bar in the background? Can you Whiten her teeth a bit and remove the diamond ring on the ring finger. THaNK YoU!
  3. H

    Can somebody make me bald?

    Hi all, I would like to shave my hairs but I want to know it it's ok or not... Can somebody make me bald on this picture please? Thanks in advance
  4. S

    Can someone help me out please?

    Hi I was wondering if anyone could please photoshop both these images to have the person/character in them have no hair and be bald. I would really aprreciate it if someone could help me. Thanks.
  5. B

    Simple Photo Background Edit Help

    Hi, can someone please help me remove the person for the background of the image, the bald guy lol. thanks
  6. J

    Photoshop Retouch_Make People Look Bald

    work offered: I will send successful candidates many photos of people and would like them to be photoshoped to be made look realistically bald. time: I would like this done within 5 hours of me sending it to you. pay: I will be offering ($18 PER HOUR) $3 per photo. (It takes me 10 mins per...