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  1. T

    Help with bamboo project (Specific)

    So I need a bamboo for a presentation with some large roots, but what happens is that mine only has a couple and they are very small. So if you guys can help me, and photoshop the photos, making more and larger roots and maybe some leafes I would be very appreciated. Thanks.
  2. Helios

    Stylus advice and recommendations?

    Hi all, It has been my desire for a while now to have a Windows tablet running my favourite painting software, and to get a pressure sensitive stylus to use with it - much like one does on a normal USB graphics tablet, but you're drawing straight onto the screen of the tablet and getting the...
  3. gedstar

    Bamboo Pen causing mouse to move erratically

    Hi all As the title says, my Bamboo pen is causing my mouse to move all over the place. When I put the pen down the mouse icon starts moving all over the place. I tried re-installing the drivers, changed the nib and it was fine for about a week. It's kind of random and doesn't happen all the...
  4. T

    Replace a Wacom Bamboo - What with?

    My Wacom Bamboo CTE 450 seems to have died, so I'm looking for a replacement. Looking at Wacom's site, all the emphasis is to drawing. I don't do that. I use the pen in editing in PS CS 2014, and primarily when I'm editing a Layer Mask. Further, I have no interest in the "touch" functions or...
  5. Z

    Huion H610 Pro or 1060Pro+?

    Hey PSgurus and People of the like! As it's recently occurred to me that I need a graphics tablet, so I looked around and was going to go for a Wacom bamboo, but I stumbled across Huion, which do 10x6.25" tablets for the same price as a 5.8" Bamboo tablet. A good active surface would be good...
  6. A

    pen pressure not working on wacom bamboo

    ive re installed the driver several times but pen pressure wont work for some reason, its a bamboo touch tablet... im using a new computer (windows), it has always worked fine on other computers before... any ideas?