banner design

  1. poucedeleon

    Creating a raised bevel banner

    I am trying to reproduce a banner like the one pictured. I will admit I am a rookie with PS. This banner is used as a graphic for a transition wipe in a video switcher. I am able to create a flat banner, but can not figure out how to create the bevel in the center.
  2. laughingpearls

    Specific Poster request please

    Hello all, I would like to have an edit of Harry Styles, Zayn Malik and Alina Lanina(Alina kiziyarova) in The Vampire Diaries style. I mean this trio must replace Damon, Stephan, and Elena. More like a love triangle. Example poster : You can use this picture as the base layer if you wish...
  3. H

    Show your skills!...and we may hire you

    Hello everyone, We are here to find the right person with Photoshop skills, specifically in banners design for Hunting industry. Look for the details under our job post which is coming soon under "Photoshop Freelance Work" (Fee for service section) We look forward to getting to know your skills!