1. C

    Specific Toronto Raptors help

    I would like to change the font from Toronto to Tampa, and keep the same color and font.
  2. S


    Is there any way someone can help me make the background transparent? It's very hard to because of my friends hair, I tried using the lasso tool, refine edge, pen tool, quick selection and changing the background on a new layer. I have no idea how to fix it from here is there anyway anyone can...
  3. C

    Specific ESPN basketball help replacing logo edit

    Hey, I wanted to know if someone could help me replacing the red McDonalds all American logo with a different one (thunder logo provided below), I want to keep the squares if possible in the background. I wouldn't like the logo to be infant of the player if there's any way to keep it behind the...
  4. C

    Specific ESPN Basketball Overlay Help

    Hey, I was wondering if someone could help me out and make the text on this photo editable. I would like to keep the same font and color but replace the name and all of the information. If I could have some help doing that that would be great. Is it possible to upload it as a .psd so I can edit...
  5. C

    Specific Photoshop faces

    Can you photoshop the white guy's face on Steph and the asian guy's face on Seth? Thank you!
  6. StingerXVII

    Image Modification

    Can somebody crop out this background and then add angel wings onto the back of this person. I want to get the image put on a few shirts for the rest of the team. I coach a basketball team one of my kids recently got murdered. Please and thank you
  7. H

    Any help appreciated.Logo for school

    Trying to change the word kings in this logo to "Nerd" and the word Sacramento to "Beat It" Hope this is not too much to help. My fellow teachers and I are joining a basketball league and want to make some jerseys. Any help is appreciated and thank you so much!!!
  8. X

    Need your opinion about this Basketball Wallpaper...

    Hi Gurus, i made a basketball wallpaper and i want to know your opinion about my work. i'm a newbie in photoshop and i want to learn a lot. please give me a tips on how to make my work much better or more greater. thanks!