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  1. X

    Bear by itself

    Can someone remove background surroundings and make it just the bear by itself with a transparent background? Thanks in advance
  2. T

    Make this Gummy Bear Meaner!!! <3

    Would like to see if someone can add a cigar, some battle scars, and smoke coming out of the barrel for this spicy gummy bear. Feel free to add legs if you wish! Thanks!
  3. C

    Need edit with pictures!

    so i have a friend that is asking for some Photoshop magic on a picture. i said i know this site that can help and he left me to deal with all that jazz. so i have 2 pictures here : the second one is of my friend. he would like to transfer the jersey onto the bear and also get the bear to be...
  4. gedstar

    3D Blender Teddy Bear

    Done from tutorial, finally got it right after 2 attempts
  5. Paul

    The Official Gif makers guild of PSG

    Post your own GIF creations here, doesn't matter at what level you are help will be given if requested. Make whatever you wish just stay clean kids:mrgreen: Local wildlife park up the road from our house I photographed this drop bear made this GIF animation, it is supposed to be all disjointed...
  6. K

    Me into a Grizzly

    Hello, Can anyone please make me into a grizzly bear? I want to be able to print this on 36x40 paper and use it for a game at work: I want to be standing up (the griz bear) but also have my face very noticeable in the bear. Here Is a pic of me. I want to be able to cut the pic out and pin the...
  7. J

    i need a picture of a bear with ron swan sons face and swan wings....

    Any help would be greatly appreciated. its a joke i have with a friend. please and thank you all!!!
  8. agentmoeller

    Don't Poke the Bear!

    Here's a drawing a I did a couple months back for a friend at work. People bug her all the time. Hand drawn, scanned, then colored in Photoshop. Agent :banghead:
  9. Sierraccr

    Variations on a Bear

    Last year my life changed. We had lost our two older cats and were feeling the lack of fur people in the house. Then someone dumped a litter of black kittens at my vet's and one of those tiny black kittens has grown into a 15 lb character named Bear .... who also happens to be very photogenic...