1. P

    Paid Beard gains €5

    Anyone who can photoshop some kind of differend beardstyles on my face on 2/3 differend photo’s. Will paid €5,00 Send PM.
  2. T

    Specific Beard and Goatee

    was wondering if you guys could please help me out, I'm thinking of growing a full beard, or a goatee, could you please Photoshop them on me so I can see what I would look like, would really appreciate it, thanks Attached three images just in case one works better than the other
  3. C

    Photoshop Beard and mustache

    Hey! I'm visiting my friends and family after going to college and I want to surprise them with me full on scruffed out beard mistake and all. Something I couldn't grow in real life haha. Thanks! Here's the link:
  4. M

    Spot healing tool copying wrong area

    I am trying to do some spot healing on a wrinkly neck of a bearded person. The beard is appearing on the spot where I am trying to remove blemishes. Totally confused.
  5. L

    (Hopefully) A quick job.

    Hi, I need to add a beard and lengthen hair. Perhaps an odd request (only just joined), but I need someone to take a photo, and lengthen the hair and add a beard. The kicker is, I don't know what I'd like the end result to look like, specifically. Background: the photo is of a 23yo man by the...
  6. D

    Could someone help to put a Beard on my photo :)

    Hi I would like someone could help me to add beard on my face :) will be cool
  7. M

    Increasing warp amount

    Hi Guys, I have some text that I created in the shape of a beard. I would like to warp it a bit so that it kind of looks wavy, but the warp>preset>wave function only allows one wave which makes it look like a flag which I do not want at all. Is there a way I can increase the amount of waves...
  8. Positronic

    [Request] Please make this Viking's beard red

    Hello. Just wondering if anyone could make the Viking's beard and hair red in this picture? I'll be using it as an avatar image on my PlayStation.