1. K

    Can anyone edit a picture for me?

    Hello, my little nephew had a photoshooting dressed as Aladdin. We didn't have a magic carpet so we used a blanket. It really bothers me now and I would love it to be the magic carpet. Is anybody able to edit the picture? I made my nephew black because I don't want him to be online. Also i...
  2. S

    Combine Pictures Together

    Could anyone add the picture of the old man/boy to the picture with the two girls? Or add the older wonder woman girl to the pic of the babies? We are trying to make a Christmas blanket and would like all the kids in one pic. Thank you!
  3. S

    Christmas blanket help

    Can someone please help make this picture a little better for a blanket for Christmas? I would like the pup to be centered in the picture and the picture to have one solid background/design. All help would be appreciated. Thanks!