blending mode

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    How can I use render element in Vray Sketchup for post production in Photoshop?

    Now, Im using Vray 3.4. As I study by myself from youtube, most of them use Mat ID, lighting, reflect , then blending in PS by screen, overlay or multiply. Some of them use GI, raw light ,Raw reflaction , Raw reflection and so on.. I know that Mat ID can help us when we want to select...
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    Transparent layer not transparent after copying or flattening.

    Hello, I have a cloud layer that was originally a vector file. I imported it to photoshop and set the blending mode to screen to they the shadows in it became transparent and then I rasterized it. Now the problem I am having is that if I take away the blue background the dark shadows come...
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    short cut keys on a mac for chanding blending modes

    Hi, Can someone tell me the mac shortcut keys for going through the blending modes so you can preview the effect quickly? someone showed me once before and for the life of all the key combos iv tried I cant do it Thanks Sarah