1. A

    Specific Make my hair blonde

    Please make my hair full blonde and my eyebrows a little bit lighter
  2. T

    Please remove people in background and also blonde lady in leopard blouse

    Could someone Please remove people in the background and also possibly remove long-haired blonde lady (2nd from right) in leopard blouse? If possible, Thanks so much!
  3. M

    Remove Hair Highlights

    Hey, I was wondering if anyone could help in removing the purple highlights from my hair to make it just blonde ? Thanks =)
  4. D

    Change hair color

    Hello everyone I'm new here and need help with change hair color from black to blonde. Can help anyone?
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    Change hair color from blonde to brunette

    I am trying to change a model's hair color in a photo from blonde to dark brunette (need one dark brown, and one black hair). I can change the hair color to every other color and lighten and darken it using hue/saturation, burn & sponge tool, brush with overlays, but cannot seem to...