1. B

    Creative need miracle ps guru's help

    hi i need my picture to be edited like the sample in either black or white background. i don't have any particular idea what it should look like, just work some miracle and make it look completely mind blowing and beautiful. or just like the sample would be appreciated. thanks in advance best...
  2. Mmglaude

    Help with maternity pic!

    Can someone try to remove the hair that is blowing across my neck and chin please and thank you I'd really appreciate it!!!!
  3. B

    Blowing up images

    Hi all, New here, need some advice as a total newbie. I'm designing some charity posters for my mum and I have a logo that is going to be blown up to about 100cmx100cm when the logo is blown up the inner section is well defined but the outer areas pixelate - the file is already as high-res as...