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    Hi I'm Oliver.

    Hello, my name is Oliver. Camera gear was stolen 5 years ago, just got back into photography and got a new camera. I used to shoot a lot of 35mm, maybe thats why I had never been a fan of Post, but I've come around and just bought PS and LR. I live in East Texas (Tyler), and I am currently...
  2. A

    Bought a new tablet and photoshop has cursor lag

    Hey everybody, I just bought a graphic "monitor", at least that's what it says one box, and when I use it in photoshop, Paintool Sai , or even flash. The cursor takes ages to catch up. And everybody is telling me to replace the my WHOLE computer but those suggestions come from people who want me...
  3. B

    Is this Pic Photoshopped?

    Hey Folks, i bought a Dslr, the ccd was smeared with some odd silver paste. Can someone have a look at these pictures, is it possible that the sensor has been covered with a black layer? I compared the alpha 58 i bought with an eos, photographed by the same seller, a random a77 and other a58...
  4. V

    Hello from the Darkside

    Just kidding, just downloaded the latest version subscription and the learning curve now starts. Always wanted to try this app out so I said what the heck, just bought the Canon Rebel T5 and looking forward to using and learning it and using the photoshop app.
  5. A

    hello everybody

    So I was searching for answers and couldn't find any. So I joined this forum. I am mostly a vacation and family events type photographer but I'd like to become better at it. I just bought elements essential 13 and I'm trying to work through the process of using it to make my images better. John
  6. R

    Color Space problem?

    Whenever I save a file from PSD to JPEG - I get these strange lines. I have my color settings on North American Web/Internet sRGB IEC61966-2.1 I did make the PSD while accidentally still in Japan Web/Internet ( Recently bought iMac, Torrented PS - Not sure if it has anything to do with it. )...
  7. K

    Need help getting this effect I've bought PS6

    Hi, Yesterday I bought this 3D ICE effect and after waiting for the publisher to email about how to even installed it,I'm now lost on using the feature and the person doesn't have a Tutorial write up either. I was...