1. A

    Specific My last pic about my dog

    Hey guys. This is the last picture about my doggo before he walked through the rainbow bridge. Please somebody make his fav bowl uncracked and a bit cleaner. It would mean a whole world to me. Thank you in advance❤️
  2. Y

    Please add a spoon to this bowl

    Please make it look like there is a spoon in the bowl
  3. F

    Photoshop this image to remove the crumbs at the bottom left of the bowl?

    Hey all, As the title says, could someone please photoshop this image to remove the crumbs on the table to the bottom left of the bowl. Thanks! Felix
  4. agentmoeller

    fruit bowl.... literally

    Still working on learning painter. It's getting a little easier, and a little quicker. Took a while to paint these (just copied over a photo), but each one got a little faster. Comments? Agent