1. L

    Paid $10 via PayPal to edit a photo.

    It is a really minor edit, I just can't seem to figure it out. $10 via PayPal to change my exposed bra (under a crop top) to an underboob in two photos
  2. J

    Specific Photoshop name "Jason" on to chest like it was written in marker

    Would anyone be able to photoshop my name, Jason on to this girls chest as if it was written in marker?
  3. C

    Photoshop request

    Can someone get rid of the dogs and replace them...................... Just make me look cool. Lol thanks in advance CODY can you please check your Private Messages!
  4. L

    A little bit of my bra is showing whoops

    (solved) A little bit of my bra is showing whoops as you can see, a tiny bit of yellow bra is showing next to the straps on both sides of my blue dress. I'd really love for that to not be the case, if you wanna help. Attached is the photo. Thanks you guys, lily ps. I would also like it if...