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  1. H

    Specific I Need background to be pure white

    Hi, i would like to have the background white so i can add text next to the photo later, and i want the image of the pharmacist to be brighter and look fresh, with less shadows on the shirt and smoother finish. ive been trying soo hard and i dont know how to do it. any help would be appreciated...
  2. S


    Hello =) First time using photoshopgurus =) Love the concept of this community! I took this picture last year in Tahiti and absolutely love it, would now like to print it a large format and use it for my startup's marketing. Could someone please improve this for me - not a great photgrapher...
  3. R

    Even colors of background - $ 20

    Hello all, Please see the image below. The paper bag has brighter and darker yellowish colors in the background. Can someone please help with making the background an even color, getting rid of the brighter and darker portions? An even bright yellow background (just like the one at the...
  4. J

    Hello to Everyone who help make people's lives Brighter!

    I am an old dog trying to learn new tricks. Know very little about Photo 7. This being said, I will need you help in resolving simple problems. Thanks again for your support and cooperation.